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Meet Shiny Soul : Jacqueline

Posted by Rachelle on January 30, 2014 in Hummus Belly A Love Story

Meet Shiny Soul: Jacqueline
A fellow soul sister walking the path of love, health, and mindful living.
Jacqueline and I met years ago when I was living in Florida, and instantly fell in love.
Her infectious laugh, contagious spirit, and wild curly hair-are just some of the many reasons why it’s so easy to fall in love with her. 
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  What inspires you?
Friends like you inspire me! Leaders in the community inspire me! My husband inspires me! I inspire
me! I can’t believe sometimes where I have been and where I am now! (Humbly speaking of course)
What is the biggest challenge you have had to overcome and what lesson did you learn from it?
Ha! Where should I start? And how personal should I get? Wow. OK I’ll share this – drinking and
insecurities were big challenges for me in my 20s. I suffered from depression from age 15 to about 31.
I am 36 now. I drank a lot because I was scared and didn’t have faith. I drank because… fill in the blank.
I’ve learned a lot of lessons after I stopped. I learned that I am here for a reason. I do have a purpose. I
learned that I am loved and capable to love. I learned that there is something bigger and greater than
“I” (my mind, my ego) and that as long as I stay connected, stay mindful and GRATEFUL then everything
falls into place. I mean everything. In my 20s I never thought I’d get married, never thought I was
capable of being a yoga teacher, nor be able to own a business! Now I am and do all of that and more!
You’re a yoga teacher, and now a business owner of a thriving new juice spot in Delray Beach, how did
this happen?
Well I took my first yoga class in college at the University of Florida in 1999 but didn’t have a regular
practice until I lived in Hawaii and California for a few years after that. I think I got into yoga because
I was never into sports. In yoga I felt something, I felt part of, I felt spiritual, I felt strong, I felt flexible.
Looking back I also see that it helped me be happy and not so crazy in my head. I never acted crazy I just
felt crazy. So practicing yoga eventually led to workshops and trainings then I was certified 200 RYT in
Delray Beach in 2008. I’ve done several other certifications since.
I always worked in hospitality whether in hotels or restaurants, but I started teaching yoga part time.
Then full time. As my passion for people, service and yoga got deeper so did the idea of taking care of
myself. I ate healthier and felt good emotionally. The juice bar, JuiceBuzz just opened this past July.
Honestly it wasn’t planned for very long and it pretty much happened naturally – the idea was there, the
space was available and then it just evolved without much planning, but definitely with a lot of effort,
work, tears and sweat.., oh and money!
What does soul mean to you and how does it play out in your business and work in the world.
Soul means connection. It means heart. It means LOVE. Soul means the essence of my/our BEING. Soul
means recognizing all things as ONE. Soul means seeing the mirrors that reflect me/us daily! Soul means
what is inside all of us – our Self! It shows up everyday for me – as a yoga teacher with my students, and
with myself. How do I show up to the world – shows my soul, shows who I am and what I am about. That
is huge. There are so many people trying to be like someone else. I love the saying “Be You. Everyone
else is taken.” Now that I know I have a voice and a reason, I continually smile and laugh, give hugs
and kisses, ask people how they are… that’s my work – to let people know that they matter and I see
What are 5 things you are most grateful for?
SOOO grateful for my health, my family, my husband who loves me unconditionally and teaches me
so much, our dog Boots, my friends, my community, my yoga practice on and off the mat, my business,
life lessons, shelter, clothes, food, CHOICE, FREEDOM! That’s more than 5. But then again, when I was
asked 8 years ago to make a gratitude list I couldn’t even come up with 3! So I love being grateful in
What is your intention for 2014
My intention this year first is to always stay open so that I can learn and grow constantly. I believe
we can get better but we are already great! My intention is to love as much as possible to as many
as possible. I intend for JuiceBuzz to be known as a space to connect, to relax, to meet like-minded
awesome people and get nutritional info as well as good stuff to drink and eat, organic. My intention is
to have my first yoga retreat outside of Florida. My intention is to get pregnant. My intention is to share
more and inspire others. My intention is to live in each moment.
Make sure to follow Jacqueline and all her inspirations below:
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