I grew up in Upstate NY, surrounded by nature and humble means. We lived comfortably,
however shopping for the latest shiny new thang was never how I was raised. In fact,
I used to receive all of my cousins hand-me-downs, and I believe that this where my love for vintage, collecting one of a kind treasures , and my love affair with shopping with meaning began. I mean, still to this day, nothing excites me more than going to a flea market, having a clothing swap with girlfriends, raiding my sister’s closest, discovering a local designer, or finding an amazing vintage store while traveling or road trippin’ somewhere new.

The core values that I was raised with at home and instilled with at school, have very much influenced who I am today, and how I approach life, love, business, and consciously shopping.

At a young age, one of the main lessons I learned, was the power of doing good and giving back.  The sudden and tragic loss of my mother when I was nine years old, awoke a shift inside me that changed the course of my life, in every possible way. I was re-directed from a dark place, onto a path of healing and yoga. A path that I created within myself; a desire to travel into the w i l d unknown and to be of service to others along the way.

So when I started The Neshama Project, which birthed out of me solely as a means to create art while also honoring my mother, Nicole’s, spirit – I knew I desired for the company to stand for something greater – so much so, that anything less would not have been an option.

From my humble experience, I have found that people are looking for meaning in their lives,
more and more than ever before. People are seeking inspiration, connection and community –
from the books they read – to their workout and yoga communities – to the food and clothes
that they buy – to the people they follow on social media – everyone, in their own way, is
looking for meaning, to be connected to something greater, and to create a sense of purpose
in this very beautiful and cruel world that we live in.

By aligning with the right values, supporting organizations, and providing positive, relevant,
and authentic inspiration, we allow for someone’s purchase to stand for something greater, and
this right here has the power to shift a regular shopping experience into what I like to call,
shopping with meaning.

This is the intent behind The Neshama Project and how I choose to personally shop consciously,
and support local brands and designers along the way.

I thank each and every one of you for being apart of our soulful journey.

With gratitude,