The Layered Bundle

$301 $368

A bundle that inspires the Neshama layered look by mixing and matching handpicked pieces.

The Santorini necklace is a favorite from our Traveler’s Collection. It’s truly a classic, and graceful piece that’s the perfect layering necklace.

Add our delicate Crescent necklace to invoke connection to the moon’s cycles and to remember the magic this universe has to offer.

The LA Hoops are the perfectly sized golden earrings that top it all off. They can be worn for all occasions whether it’s dinner parties with friends, walks in nature, or chillin’ at home.

To top it all off, we invite you to light our signature scented Neshama candle for an aroma that blends tobacco + ozanik. Pro tip - this scent can be worn as your new perfume by dabbing your finger on wax and applying to pulse points. 

*Products in bundles are not able to be changed.

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